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Purpose, Vision, and Mission

To assist in rebuilding our communities and empowering our youth by providing cultural development through music and arts. Their talents will be developed, extracted and then used to empower community members young and old, whom otherwise may not have the opportunities of achieving additional growth through their perspective communities due to the lack of access to art and music related curriculums and programs that have been discontinued or downsized. 


Participants will be given the opportunity to enhance their art and musical talents and utilize those skills to develop a noticeable level of inner-discipline.  In addition, they will participate in a positive organization as an alternative to potentially dangerous and troublesome situations. They will also develop the skills necessary for becoming positive advocates for their communities.


To provide an environment conducive for learning and continuing education as well as embracing the unlimited possibilities that the cultural and musical arts provide. We intend to make the arts and music a relevant and successful tool for developing youth and community members with the overall goal of enhancing our community development and relationships abroad.

The organization’s facilitators are various males and females who have developed a true passion for the arts mentioned. The persons give generously, and unselfishly of their time, knowledge, and interest to the influence the improvement of our communities.


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